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What kind of fish can I expect to catch? Can I keep the fish? 

Our deep sea fishing party boats primarily catch “bottom fish” – snapper, grouper, sea bass, triggerfish, and porgies. Occasionally, we also catch kingfish, mahi, cobia and sailfish. When you catch a fish, our crew will determine if it’s “keepable” – legal size and in season. If your fish is keepable, the crew will mark your fish and notify you of your designated marking. The fish will then be placed in one of our oversized coolers. At the end of the trip, the crew will separate the fish based on markings and will clean, fillet and bag up your fish for you. There is no extra charge for this service.

Do you anchor or drift? Do you ever troll?

We don't typically troll on a regular trip. We primarily anchor the boat. Although, we do occasionally drift when conditions allow and we feel drifting would be more productive.

Can I bring my own equipment and bait? Do you provide equipment?

We provide fishing gear, tackle and bait for free, however, you are more than welcome to bring your own. The bait we give you for free is cut squid. We also catch grunts out to day, but you are more than welcome to bring additional bait. We primarily use 2/0 hooks, 5 oz. sinkers and 50 lb. test monofilament fishing line. WE DO NOT ALLOW BRAIDED LINE. 

Do you sell food/beverages? Can we bring our own, including alcohol?

We have no food onboard, and we sell a limited variety of beverages at $1 each – Coke, Diet Coke, and water. We do not sell alcohol. We encourage you to bring your own food and beverages on board.  You are welcome to bring some beers or wine coolers – in cans or plastic bottles. No hard liquor is allowed on our boats. We are a family-oriented business. We reserve the right to cut off intoxicated anglers. 

What should I wear? What should I bring?

Dress according to weather. Also, make sure to wear shoes with a good tread to avoid slipping. (The boat deck can get wet!) We also advise sunglasses, a hat or visor and plenty of sunscreen. The Florida sun is very strong! If you tend to get seasick (or you don’t know if you do!), it’s always a good idea to take precautions. We recommend Bonine, which has a non-drowsy formula. There are also other products out there that are effective as well. 

Are there life jackets on board?

Yes, our fishing party boats are US Coast Guard inspected. We have all the required safety gear on board. 

Is there a bathroom? 

Yes, there are two modest heads (restrooms) aboard each of our boats. 

Do you cancel for weather?

This is Florida! There is always a chance for rain, so we don't cancel for rain. We will cancel if there are advisories for hazardous sea or severe weather conditions.  If you are at all concerned, feel free to call us and we will be very honest about the expected conditions.

Do you accept credit cards or checks?

We do not accept checks. We do accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Do I need to tip the crew? How much should I tip?

As with most deep sea fishing charters, our mates works primarily for tips. And, they work very hard for those tips. Like most service industries, 15-20% of the regular non-discounted rate is recommended.

What time should I get to the dock for my trip?  You should arrive at least ½ hour before the boat is scheduled to leave (7:30am for a morning trip and 1pm for an afternoon trip). We will only hold reservations until that time. If you are running late, call us; otherwise you may lose your reservation if we have people waiting on standby. 

Do I need to make a reservation? How far ahead should I make a reservation?

We strongly recommend reservations for all our deep sea fishing trips. While we do accept walk-ons when we have available space, we can’t guarantee you a spot if you don’t make a reservation. Also, if we have to cancel a trip, we would call you. We recommend that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible. During our busy season, there are many times that we sell out our trips 2-3 days in advance. 

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